Format: 27,5x25cm
Bilingual edition (English and Portuguese)
300 pages with duotone printing + one solid colour on paper X-Per 140 g.

Text: Alda Rocha, João Mariano, Rui Prata

“The Costa Vicentina is a place for patient people. A place of contemplation where time accompanies observation.” The words are João Mariano’s but they take on a new energy when spoken in connection with his work. It is this invitation to contemplation that he makes in this album so that, through his gaze, we are conquered by that unique piece of land and by the people who make it theirs.

The first four chapters take the titles of the books they were written for, together with the summary-chapter mostly devoted to the collection he made for the Carrapateira Museum of Sea and Land. The books he dedicated to this region therefore take on a new life, now from a more far-reaching viewpoint. He revisited the works from where they resulted and that here take on a different expression: he reedits untouchable photographs, in addition to making room for unpublished images that captured him so many years ago. Time helps create distance, far from the emotional load of the time they were taken, changing the form of evaluation by the author himself.

A tribute to the far southwest of Portugal, in the far reaches of the Old continent, is a significant testimonial to the last decade of the 20th century. This time is not so far away but at the same time is very remote. It is exclusively rolls of film that document this.

It is a portrait of a time but also a legacy that remains, a document that will last and in a single volume it shows the genuine and unrepeatable Southwest, the soul of which the author wished to explore; that piece of land looking onto the far away horizon that the people in the hills call the seacoast or in their language costa do mar.

Alda Rocha


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