When we think of the southern shores of the Algarve, especially the Lagoa coast, what immediately comes to mind are images of beaches with crystal clear water and golden sands covered in multi-coloured towels… beaches considered among the most beautiful in the world… thousands of tourists reddening in the mid-day sun… paths along the yellow cliffs rendered flat by the millions of steps trodden every year make them look as if they had been machine-polished… queues of boats bearing tourists making their way to the “ most famous colourful and luminous grottoes in Europe”… but very rarely do we think there is much more than just the commonplace, much more than summer and good weather, much more than colour.

Project developed for Encontros de Fotografia de Lagoa. An invitation from the Municipality of Lagoa | Algarve University.
The exhibition was at the Convento S. José in Lagoa until September 2014. Starting after a journey that will end in Lisbon in the summer of 2016.


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