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Project on the underwater plucking of algae in the Southwest of Portugal.

(...) The underwater reaping of algae is, in all its stages, an activity where man’s physical effort reaches ultimate heights. Those involved have to undergo long hours of draining work, with a constant repetition of movements in an adverse environment and under varying atmospheric pressure, often without compliance with diving rules. It is a huge effort under circumstances to which human nature is not used that makes this work one of the hardest, toughest and riskiest performed in Portugal. (...)



In-depth work

Format: 24,5x23cm
Bilingual edition (English and Portuguese)
160 pages with duotone printing and varnish application located on matte coated paper 170gr.
Hardcover with matt lamination and UV varnish application located

Text: Dora de Jesus, Pedro Cuiça, Rui Santos e João Mariano


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