«(…) the river that is born in the northwest corner from the top of the Monchique mountain range, close to Fóia, and slithers down to Ponta Viva2, on Amoreira beach, in Aljezur, has always been an emotional reference. It accompanied me throughout my whole childhood, adolescence and continues to be with me to this day. That was where I had my first swim. It was there that I fished my first bordalo carps with friends, and eels with my father, it was there that I caught my first little turtles by hand, which I played with as a child... I ran along its banks and its bed countless times. I swam and canoed in its waters an endless number of times... Unconsciously, never managing to resist its “water appeal”! Now, with this work, I have explored its soul, entered its depths and got to know it even more profoundly. This is my individual tribute to this zigzagging being that pertains to the earth filled with water, gravel (…)»